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Pop Up Wedding Team – Meet Rebecca.

I’m Rebecca. Hi. To me Pop Up Weddings is not just a cool AF way to get married, it is a way of thinking. A way of living and hopefully a way of loving in a more focused way. I started Pop Up weddings because things needed to change! For the couples I served and for me as a wedding...
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Moving towards a waste free wedding.

What is a waste free wedding? I suppose that depends who you ask and what you see as waste? At Pop Up Weddings we feel strongly about not wasting big things like time (ours or yours), money (ours or yours) or precious head space (yours but especially ours - we have toddlers yo those things drain your brain like no...
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Are Pop Up Weddings for broke couples?

There is this deep-seated belief in nearly all of us that screams “if it’s cheap it must be nasty” (and yes it does it in its outside voice while running in circles with its hands waving wildly above its head.) This type of thinking normally then leads down the rabbit hole of, IF it’s not cheap and nasty then at...
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The heart of our Pop Up Weddings

Pop Up Weddings are so much more than a way for broke couples to get married (read our blog post that debunks this Pop Up’s equal Broke hoo ha here) or a well-dressed wedding sausage factory (admit it you where thinking it, too) The true heart behind Pop Up Weddings South Africa is so much deeper than the pricing, or...
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A Little Bit About Us

We love weddings and marriages. We love celebrating them in the most wow and memorable way. We think they are important and special! BUT WE HATE that to have one nowadays you either need to delay getting married for years to be able to save for it, have your family pay for it (and then totally take control of it)...
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