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Your wedding plan B, Pop Up style

If you have had to postpone or cancel your wedding (OR are scared you may have to in the not so distant future) this is especially for you... Do you want to have a legal, responsible wedding without having to start planning from scratch, loose suppliers you love or the deposits you have already paid? And do you want this...
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Wedding planning in the covid-19 crisis.

To say last week was a shit show is being really kind. After last night’s presidential announcement of a 21 day Lock down, the panic seems to have deepened. In a week I’ve witnessed people act like characters out of an apocalypse movie (I reckon the cast of the walking dead have some legit sell-able ‘survival’ skills right now- let’s...
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Test in humanity – the good karma summary to survive corona

You came to this post because you wanted the quick version of how to survive, thrive and stay semi sane in this current corona virus chaos So lets dive right in. ⁃ You need to go slow to go fast. This means fighting those knee jerk reactions, actions or mindsets that feel so normal, safe and are/where so generally accepted...
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Are Pop Up Weddings for broke couples?

There is this deep-seated belief in nearly all of us that screams “if it’s cheap it must be nasty” (and yes it does it in its outside voice while running in circles with its hands waving wildly above its head.) This type of thinking normally then leads down the rabbit hole of, IF it’s not cheap and nasty then at...
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A Little Bit About Us

We love weddings and marriages. We love celebrating them in the most wow and memorable way. We think they are important and special! BUT WE HATE that to have one nowadays you either need to delay getting married for years to be able to save for it, have your family pay for it (and then totally take control of it)...
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What the heck is a Pop Up Wedding?

So what exactly is this whole Pop Up Wedding thing about? It's simple a Pop Up Wedding is a ceremony focused micro wedding that takes the best bits of a traditional wedding and celebrates just those parts in 2hrs. Our team of wedding professionals pre plan, source and put together all of the details for the Pop Up Wedding and...
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