Real life birthdays aren’t really on the top of my ‘like to celebrate list’. Business birthdays however are right up there with wedding anniversaries, the first day of school and world bee day.

To survive in business is no small feat.

To thrive in business is bloody impressive.

To find pure joy, meaning, make money AND create significant change in lives, your industry and economy – well now that’s just fucking mind-blowingly remarkable.

Pop Up Wedding strives for option 3… FMBR… obviously.

This month is Pop Up Weddings second birthday and although, if we are being honest, 2020 has smacked a solid option 1. vibe on us / the entire world, this is what I now know about us (but maybe you didn’t)

  • This is the year two hearts become better than one and Jules joined me on this crazy prearranged, micro wedding adventure.
  • Pop Up Wedding SA is the same age as both our kids.
  • We learnt that rest, going slow and even stopping is sometimes the most productive thing to do when moving forward.
  • True heart centered business is about meeting people where they are and not where you want them to be. (See our 2021 service offerings that reflect this lesson)
  • Kindness, family and friendship is the true currency of the world and we have chosen to trade first in this and second in cash money currency.
  • Jules favorite day of the year is Christmas eve, she cant wear clothes if they are wrinkled and karaoke is her worst nightmare.
  • I imagine photo shoot concepts (sometimes for total strangers) and tidy when I’m stressed. I once redid an entire Woolies bedroom set up because I couldn’t stand it’s current styling. (Dear Woolies Management, you are welcome/Im sorry) My husband often disowns me when Im ‘foraging’.

This will not be the last Pop Up Birthday Blog you will see from us, we plan to be here for years to come!

And I truly hope you, you spectacular human sitting behind that screen giving me your precious time and attention (which I don’t for a second take for granted) will be with us next week, next month and next year.

Thank you for being part of the many people who got us to year 2! Thank you for celebrating the big and the small wins with us! And thank you for sharing your love and support of us with the people in your lives.

much love