No matter if you are planning for 100’s or your celebration is on a micro scale – these are the 3 most common (and easiest) mistakes to make as a couple planning a wedding.

So often the seeds of wedding overwhelm, stress and fatigue are planted right in the beginning of your planning journey.

Here are the 3 Mistakes couples make when wedding planning AND what to do instead.

Mistake 1- You start planning straight away.

It’s so easy to assume your partner is on the same planning page as you, so you rush out the engagement gate feeling the pressure to secure everything and everyone you love instantly.

You are going to be married forever, you are only engaged for a short time.

Slow down, talk, argue a little (argue now while you are tired and over it and can control your reactions), make up and then rush out that gate TOGETHER.

Mistake 2- You don’t create an ‘US’ appropriate budget.

There is no such thing as no budget! Everyone has an amount that they can and are willing to spend. Money matters, how you spend it matters.

Here are some good budget questions to ask:

How long will it take you to save this?
Do you want to wait that long?
What will you sacrifice to have this amount?
Is it worth it?
What are some other wedding options?
How else could you mark this special day?

Mistake 3- You tell everyone you know they are invited.

Wedding invites are sort of in line with the saying ‘if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all’…

If you do not 125% know what your guest list is going to be (you should know if you took time to talk about what you really want as a couple and how much you can afford) then don’t say anything at all.

Sometimes just talking to a friend, family member or work associate about your wedding plans is enough to make them assume they are invited.

The easiest way to avoid a courtesy invite or tanking your budget is to start each conversation with firm and loving boundaries.

Boundary convo example…

“We aren’t sure about our celebration direction just yet and we may not be able to invite all the people who matter to us, I hope you understand this, and we can find another way to celebrate together?”

I would love to know if you made any mistakes on your wedding planning journey and how you would suggest avoiding them?