We love weddings and marriages. We love celebrating them in the most wow and memorable way. We think they are important and special!

BUT WE HATE that to have one nowadays you either need to delay getting married for years to be able to save for it, have your family pay for it (and then totally take control of it) or blow all your ‘house or honeymoon’ savings on it.

So we created something different.

Inspired by the popular international ‘pop up wedding’ experience, we created a pre-planned fully functioning celebration that is accessible and so damn reasonably priced for the high quality you receive, because we share the fixed and unavoidable costs of the infrastructure and suppliers between our 4 on the day couples.

Yes you may share costs BUT you and your party will be the only ones present throughout your 2hrs celebration with the exclusive use of the venue and full focus of the team for that entire time. You also get a 100% personalized ceremony with a bouquet and boutonniere that is unique to you.

Its not for everyone, but we do believe it’s the way of the future wedding.

Simple, modern, focused, low cost, no stress, easy and truly FUN!