Depending on when your wedding is/was planned for will greatly change the level of warm fuzzy ‘oh this gives such great perspective to our day’ feels.

You may have just had to cancel your day, have lost money or are exhausted from the constant barrel of messages being, asking you how you feel!? If this is happening you are probably more on the FML scale.

That’s ok. This isn’t a blog about making you feel (or not feel) any specific way. You do you boo.

This is just us as wedding planners sharing some practical wedding planning advise on how to make the most of whatever shit storm you are currently in (because even without the corona-virus outbreak, wedding planning can be a shit storm and we get that).

Delay don’t cancel.

If it is at all possible to delay your day try do that. Yes, It is very hard to know when this will all blow over but consider hosting the legal part of your ceremony now and the rest of the big logistic stuff later.

By delaying you keep the solid groundwork of finding, contacting, and securing your suppliers and you won’t have to redo all of that in a few months when this all blows over.

By delaying you help suppliers keep afloat with cash flow (this is a big deal as we are all living in an Eco-system and no one will avoid these ‘cash flow ripples’)

Have honest open talks with suppliers.

If there is one pro to this that wedding couples all over the world can take, is that even the most lofty of suppliers has been bought down to earth and are now willing to talk. (hopefully you weren’t working with poo suppliers in the first place but if you were, I bet they a heck load more willing to be accommodating now – why thank you corona-equalising-virus)

Yes we are all suppliers/customers BUT at the core we are all just humans too. This is happening to all of us and we need to be able to have open, honest and calm discussions on how to make the best of this situation.

We will all need to give and take here.

Can you make a Plan B (or in our case a plan P)

Is there anyway to make a plan B for your celebration?

We at Pop Up Weddings are rolling out a Plan P (your plan B, Pop up style) to enable you to retain the majority of your own suppliers, while having your celebration hosted in a safe, legal and ethical way. We also help facilitate the conversations and changes with those suppliers.

If this sounds like the help and support you need (as a supplier or couple) please email us on [email protected] to find out all the up to date details.

If this feels like a blessing – take that and make the most of it.

Are you deep down really glad that this has happened and you had to cancel your wedding day?

NO judgments. This could be your silver lining, make it that. Don’t feel pressured into getting pulled back into the planning chaos when this all passes. Take this time to reconnect and refocus on your partner and why you want to get married in the first place.

If this feels like the worst thing that ever happened – take the time to ask why.

If you are truly heart broken about your wedding being cancelled take a moment to jot down all the reasons why?

Is it because of the financial implications?

Were you really looking forward to gathering friends and family?

Did you want to look and feel a certain way, even for one day?

Once you understand what the root is of the hurt and disappointment for you, it will be easier to find a substitute or Plan B for that specific feeling.

Finances – could you take the money you got back from cancellations and plan a extra long honeymoon? Once it is safe to travel of course. Imagine how many travel specials there will be when the tourism industry opens again. You may just find yourself on that dream private island.

Gathering of loved ones – if this was the root of your disappointment, look into getting a zoom party set up. Do a bridal party ‘group call’. But know that by cancelling you are looking after and loving your family in a way that supersedes a day of dancing.

Look and feel – don’t cancel your outfit. Still buy your dress. You will be helping the cash flow of the dressmaker and their staff PLUS when you do decide what your plan B is you will have a beautiful outfit to do it in. Think flowing white dress on private island with a daylong .photo shoot…why not.

It can only get better from here.

Life, like marriage is one hella crazy ride. This covid-19 outbreak sucks (on a whole heap of levels) but this is the kind of thing marriage, family and life is about. It won’t be the first or last hard thing you as a couple will have to face. It won’t be the last time you lose money, disappoint people or feel disappointed that things didn’t work out the way you hoped.

It’s not about those things happening, it’s how you deal with them as a team, a unit, a married couple.

So try make the most of this crazy time. Talk long, talk deep. Cry happy, cry heart broken. Feel the feels, together. Act in a way that your 10 years’ time, happily married, self will be proud of.

Did this help you – then please share it on your social media or directly with a friend. Lets spread good vibes and knowledge not fear.

Do you have something to add or an opinion on a point above – then please leave a comment below. We are all in this together and we want to hear your thoughts.

Much love

Rebecca x