Your wedding day or special celebration has been postponed, you finally have your head around the logistics, YAY, you go to fit your dress or special outfit and it does not fit? Now what?

Shock, horror, spiral of inner guilt and shame… instant google search for fast-track wedding weight loss?

Nope, we aren’t doing that anymore! Downward spirals were last years jol, this year we are just ALTERING THE BLOODY DRESS!

Seriously after ev-er-y-thiiiiing you and we as a collective have gone through this past season, after all the global priorities we have had time to reevaluate and are being called to redefine, self-sabotage and energy spent on prehistoric narratives of what brides (and bodies in general) are meant to look like is just a drastically wasteful use of our love, time and resources.

This blog is inspired by a beautiful bride of ours who confidently told me she was getting her dress altered before her Petite Pop Up they are planning with us. This may seem like a small or obvious statement, but actually after the years and years of industry experience and seeing the pressures that are put on couples (of all orientations) to act, think and look a certain way… well this made me proud.

To be a person who is at home with themselves and in themselves is the greatest gift you will ever give your partner, marriage and self. So today I celebrate you, oh brave and lovely lady, for what you have chosen to do (and not do) but also for the change you represent in this industry and may I dare to say the world.

Our friends at once worn bridal have this very insightful and kind series on body shapes and how best to dress and celebrate them.

I find DR Jess Stanbridge to be a deeply inspired and practical person to listen to about finding your home within yourself.

If you have any other resources or places that support and encourage finding yourself please do share in the comments. Otherwise share this with someone who needs the permission and support to be loved as they are right now.

Much love

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