What is a waste free wedding? I suppose that depends who you ask and what you see as waste?

At Pop Up Weddings we feel strongly about not wasting big things like time (ours or yours), money (ours or yours) or precious head space (yours but especially ours – we have toddlers yo those things drain your brain like no ones business)

By the pure beauty of it’s design a Pop Wedding already solves a lot of the big time, money and head space wastage usually associated with wedding planning… hells ya!

But we as a business and the people behind it, wanted to take that essential beauty further and do our best to stop the waste of the smaller things too. Like the flowers, paper, water, plastic, food, decor it takes to create a beautiful wedding celebration.

So this is our new business goal and our version of what a waste free wedding is and how we are being more conscious about our consumption… Out in the world for you to hold us accountable and more importantly maybe, just maybe spark your own version of a waste free something.

Waste free wedding prep.

  • We recycle our flower plastic wraps and elastics and compost the organic off cuts.
  • When prepping our flowers we are super aware of how much water we are using. We also make sure to chuck the water we have used in the flower beds and not down the drain.
  • Whenever possible we use reusable mechanisms for our structures, and florals.
  • Where we can, we use dry flowers (ours from past events or bunches from the market) that would have been chucked.

We use these in our arrangements but especially in our confetti as this eclectic mix of things makes for the most beautiful and meaningful confetti toss (The confetti toss is one of fav parts of a wedding celebration and this way it breaks our heart just a little less knowing what we are throwing has already had it’s glory days).

  • We happily and thankfully accept gifts of ‘once used’ flowers and foliage from our bigger industry friends to reuse in our arrangements.

PUW|Waste free wedding

Waste free at the Pop Up wedding.

  • The waste we create on the day is already reduced by our couples not having traditional wedding receptions and making their guest lists smaller. And recycled by making sure any team lunch plastic wrappers, couples bubbly bottles, food scraps etc are collected and properly recycled or composted.
  • Our cakes are so delicious we hardly ever have left overs but if there is we safely pack them for you to take and enjoy later.
  • Basically nothing gets thrown away that could rather be gifted, composted or recycled.

PUW|Waste free wedding

Post Pop Up Wedding.

  • One of our personal highlights and joys is our post Pop Up Flower donations. #postpopuppetals. We find hospitals, old age homes and other places or people where flowers would be a luxury expense or unattainable and gift them the joy of our ceremony blooms.
  • Any flowers that aren’t in a good enough condition or able to be donated will be dried and turned into confetti filler for our next Pop Up celebration (and ideally/eventually into someone else business stock – see below)

Some waste free goals we are still working on/ towards: (so please shout if you know ways to help or educate us so we can get here quicker)

  • Having our used flowers become the ‘free stock’ or base supplies for small companies, creative individuals or non profit projects.
  • We would also love to help create these places, people and passion by hosting low cost training workshops to show people how to use flowers in all their creative ‘post Pop Up’ ways (think soaps, fabric staining, poetry etc). Basically teaching people to fish but also proving them with the bait to land ‘the big one’.
  • This very much hits our belief of Charity through business.

So now our Question for you…

Do you know any schools, training centers or inspired individuals who could benefit from this kind of ‘free business supplies’? Or a special place who would appreciate a flower donation? Please let us know, we honestly would love to connect with them.

Anyone with mad skills who is training, teaching or needing to be taught small scale home industry/floral business type skills? Let’s get in touch with them.

Please tell us Why is oasis bad? What is the deal with foam free?

And finally our Disclaimer- we aren’t perfect.

We don’t get all of these points right all of the time. But We are proudly and consciously making decisions and habits toward less being more. Charity through business and love for our couples, community and world becoming as important to us as strategies, profits and ‘success’.

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Much love