Chances are you are feeling like a deer in the headlights. Like this is all a bad (bad) dream.

If you haven’t already had to deal with the weight and reality of what this means for your business you soon will.

Does it look like everyone else in the industry already has a plan? Has already made a power move? Created an offering? While you have barely just got a work station set up!?

I mean how do they (insert whoever you are currently comparing yourself to here) already have bulk hand sanitizer and a # for this!?

Let’s look at a few of the ways you can stop the crazy chatter in your head and shift gears and thrive.

How to beat the feeling of your business being left behind, being late to the party or just the tag along.

If we are honest feeling ‘left behind’ or on the back foot is how we (overachieving, self-motivated, high standard types) feel normally as business owners. So you need to identify that and try separate that from the ‘covid 19’ induced fear and anxiety swirling around.

We are operating in exceptional times. With people who are feeling incredibly sensitive.

Rather show up late to the party with a message, voice and offering that is useful, thought out and relevant than be early but do nothing but add to the noise or worse the problem.

I mean everyone loves the guy who brings chip and dip, even if they are a little late.

Create before you consume.

With more time and reason than ever to be glued to news feeds, social streams and others opinions / content it is going to be essential for you as a human and business owner to step away from all of that.

I’m not saying be ignorant or uniformed. I am saying that there is no way to create something different or out standing if you are constantly consuming and immersed in the ‘norm’.

How can you clear your head, clear your search browser and tap into your own knowledge of your industry, what it needs/will be needing soon? Now how do you create that.

The way you act now will be remembered forever.

I keep thinking about all the world war movies I’ve ever watched. There is always that one character who sells out in one way or another, betrays his community, snitches or turns to the ‘other side’.
And when the war ends and they are still there living in amongst the same people they just sold down the river… their life is shit, they have lost all trust, friends and normally their own self-respect.

This isn’t a world war, but it is an event that will be hard, it will test you and then it will end.

When you return to your community how will the actions and decisions you took now be seen. Even more importantly will you be ok to live with them?

Cash is only one type of currency

Depending where you are on the woo woo scale of things may affect how you take my next point.

There are many forms of currency in this world. Our main focus up to now has always been money.

In a time where you or the people around you may not have money, cash flow and many of the traditional business modalities are crumbling, what new currency can you create?
(And no I’m not talking about buttcoin although lols for days)

What energy/currency/actions can you create that will bring value to you, your clients and staff right now?

Could dignity, trust, knowledge, service and respect be your new currency?

Yes I get it we all need food, we all need to pay rent and as noble as ‘dignity’ sounds it doesn’t pay your staffs wages…but how can you shift your mindset, actions and business plan right now to work around what you have access to rather than freaking out about what you don’t have access to?

*I must credit the idea of different currency from a chat I had with a restaurant consultant friend of mine The Kitchen Think

Something that ha given me a great sense of calm and peace right now is that we are all going through this. It is not just you doing badly, it is not just you worried about staff, cash flow or having couples and clients cancel on you.

We are all in this together.

‘This too shall pass’

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Do you have something to add or an opinion on a point above – then please leave a comment below. We are all in this together and we want to hear your thoughts.

Much love

Rebecca x