Hello, I’m Juliet.

I am a chatty introvert; head-in-the-clouds romantic kind of girl and I am SO excited to be a part of something as unique and wonderful as Pop Up Wedding SA.

I believe in destiny and if something is meant to be it happens with ease and no struggle at all.

When Rebecca and I met we just knew that partnering up would be nothing short of magic. We are so very different but then so similar and we always have a good belly laugh when we’re together, which I believe is right up there with the best things ever.

So yes, the Pop Up way is a little edgy, non-traditional and could possibly feel a little rebellious to some however – I absolutely LOVED my sparkly dress, first dance, lots of speeches, bouquet throwing wedding day. Basically what I am trying say is, you can still have all of those special traditional details at a Pop Up wedding, we just put a little extra focus on the love and intimacy and a little less focus on the “what food do you think my 3rd cousin would like”.

As we introduce the beautiful Pop Up concept to all you Poppers to be, I will be behind the social media wheel and answering your mails when you first come-a-knocking. I can’t wait to meet you all!

To stay true to my romantic (and I guess people pleaser) side, I will end off with this, “I’m just a girl standing in front of a whole bunch of people (boy), asking them (him) to love her.”

Jules x