I’m Rebecca. Hi.

To me Pop Up Weddings is not just a cool AF way to get married, it is a way of thinking. A way of living and hopefully a way of loving in a more focused way.

I started Pop Up weddings because things needed to change!
For the couples I served and for me as a wedding industry supplier/planner/person (as well as the other suppliers I know and work with).

My heart really lies with the industry (as it is and as it could be). The people who work in it.
The business mechanics, energy flow and feeling of things.

I aim to make Pop Up’s as easy and enjoyable for the team working in them as the couples celebrating them.

My new role in Pop Up Weddings reflects this as I’m getting the chance to focus on the ‘behind the scenes work’. To grow the way we want we need some deep and sturdy roots, and I’m pretty excited I get to put those down.

But I’m not going total recluse (yet) and you will find me here on our blog where it’s a little quieter. Haha…I like the slower pace compared to social media and that there is room to ramble and get all deep n meaningful.

Our hope is that by Juliet and I, focusing on our business loves and really staying true to our individual ‘voice’ we will create a combined space that is honest, efficient, has value but mostly…..feels like home.

So please come in, raid the fridge and put your feet on the couch. You are so welcome here!

Much love
Rebecca x