There is this deep-seated belief in nearly all of us that screams “if it’s cheap it must be nasty” (and yes it does it in its outside voice while running in circles with its hands waving wildly above its head.)

This type of thinking normally then leads down the rabbit hole of, IF it’s not cheap and nasty then at the very least there is a catch. And IF there is truly no catch then it must just be for broke couples. And I don’t want to look broke, especially on my wedding day (said with equal conviction by broke and not so broke couples alike).

You see if you know the real heart behind WHY we created and run Pop Up Wedding S.A, then you will know that even though the reduced cost of a Pop Up Wedding is a big part of us, it is not the biggest or only part of us. We honestly are a group of wedding industry professionals who want to give smart, busy couples who want to be married now not later, an option that is financially reasonable, stress free, is jaw dropping WOW and also feels really really special! Because being married is really really special.

So, if this new way to wed isn’t for broke couples, then who is it for? (deep seated belief stops running in circles and looks at me blankly and with much suspicion)

Well Pop Up Weddings are for couples who want to make a traditionally stressful process, that they have seen turn into a family dynamics dog show, with 1 million seemingly unrelated and not so important decisions (we all know the ‘what shade of cream napkins should we have’ line) simpler and more them focused.

Pop Up Weddings are for couples who think its more important to BE married than to GET married.

Pop Up Weddings are for couples who want a small number of people at their wedding day but are battling to find people/family/suppliers who 1- supports this idea and 2- cater for their smaller number of guests (without them either looking lost in the huge space or too squished in the ‘after thought’ plan B venue space)

Pop Up Weddings are for couples who don’t like to be the center of attention and feel less pressured or stressed knowing not alllll their friends and family will be there. This small ceremony focused celebration allows them to be more authentic in their love and how they express it to each other.

Pop Up Weddings are for couples who have other more life focused plans for their money. This ranges from an epic never to be forgotten honeymoon, A deposit on their first house, paying off student loans or putting this nest egg towards their growing family…because school fees yo.

Pop Up Weddings are for couples who are looking to move overseas (kinda soon) and need to get the legal side of things sorted for visas but still want their I Do’s to be meaningful and classy.

And ok yes, Pop Up Weddings are also for couples who are broke AF. Just because you are broke now doesn’t mean you have to keep digging that debt hole.

If you have bigger dreams for your budget than blowing it on a single day. If you are a true romantic who is more in love with your love than the show that goes with it. If you want a classy but conscious ceremony focused celebration and you want to do it now/not in a million years then we would love to chat to you. (and yes, deep seated belief you are welcome to join the call too…as long as you use your inside voice)

much love