As the reality that the wedding industry will probably be one of the last to reopen, really sinks in, we are channeling our inner scifi space geek (or were we just inspired by our Planetarium themed Pop Up?!) to explain how we plan to do things in the coming days/weeks/months before we are able to work, celebrate and love our couples the way we want to!

Like all great space Odyssey films we are planning a resource preserving, business cryosleep of sorts or a suspended animation if you like. Short YouTube explanation of the term here – if you really want to check it out.

Why are we so set on keeping Pop Up Weddings going, but at a slightly slower pace than you are used to?

Because we have chosen to take control of the things we can and find peace in the things we can’t.

We respect or government for the hard choices they are making.

Pop Up Wedding are and have always been committed to producing, creating and sharing the highest quality work and content – and not to be adding to the frantic (and sometimes pointless) social noise that seems to be swirling so loudly around us right now.

And lastly we are deeply aware that when things change, when this great pause and moment in history has past, when we have healed…
there will be a need to celebrate marriages in a new way, a smaller more Pop Up wedding way.

And we want to be ready!

So in this time of business cryosleep, even though our social media posts may slow down and the work that we are able to do will decrease, we will be alive and well, preserving resources, upskilling our team and getting ready!

When we ‘wake up’ it will be a brave new world. A landscape we have never seen before, with a set of living conditions we have never experienced before… BUT an adventure like no other.

We personally can’t wait (cue mental picture of branded floral design space suits, and zero gravity wedding ceremony backdrops…hehehe)

So if you are a couple who want to get married but need a little help navigating this new wedding landscape…we are here, we will always be here and we would love to take this journey with you!

All our love
Rebecca + Jules x