Pop Up Weddings are so much more than a way for broke couples to get married (read our blog post that debunks this Pop Up’s equal Broke hoo ha here) or a well-dressed wedding sausage factory (admit it you where thinking it, too)

The true heart behind Pop Up Weddings South Africa is so much deeper than the pricing, or the fact that its popular overseas and way more YOU as our couple focused than you may believe from first glance.

After years pioneering the small wedding and elopement space in S.A I realized that even small didn’t necessarily mean cost effective. Because one couple is still paying for each supplier (their prep hours, travel, accommodation, their on the day teams etc.), for the full use of the space (big or small) and for every single flower or décor element (with its sneaky added delivery, set up and break down costs)… you literally cannot get around spending big chunks of cash when planning anything remotely ‘weddingy’. Even privately hosted elopements can be surprisingly costly.

So even though we (myself and the group of like minded suppliers who make up the Pop Up Wedding team) work AT weddings, even though we make our livings being one of those unavoidable chunks of cash I mentioned we love our craft, we love our couples and we are bowled over honored to be part of every single beginning of forever we help create.

This makes it heart breaking for us to be part of an industry that is maybe not so innocent when it comes to promoting everything other than the ‘why’ behind your wedding day. Pop Up Weddings are our way of taking a stand for truly focused celebrations of marriages and not just weddings.

Because guys… waste is stupid and avoidable. Spending money you don’t have is so far from a wise way to start your married life. Waiting a year plus to call the love of your life husband or wife just because you can’t afford the wedding other people are expecting you to have, is next level unacceptable/unnecessary/a flippen shame and waste of this precious thing we call life.

So our heart, our real honest to goodness reason for introducing the Pop Up Wedding ‘methodology’ is to give smart, busy couples who want to be married now not later, an option that is financially reasonable, stress free, is jaw dropping WOW and also feels really really special! Because being married is really really special.

A Pop Up Wedding is a huge step up from a home affairs wedding but still far enough away from the full-on stresses and unavoidable costs of a traditional wedding. We call this the new wedding planning happy place.

It’s not for everyone and that’s ok. But just maybe it is for you?! You, our brave, no nonsense, love before stuff romantic. You, our reason for doing what we do.

If you know a couple who could do with a bit of support and permission to get back to their true wedding day why, be a good friend and share this with them. Tell them to call us and lets get them (or you) married now not later.

Much love