I’m not sure about you, but when I feel overwhelmed and/or tired I feel an intense need to do more!

Because at the time fighting exhaustion with an extra hours work, last push or just one more thing ticked off my list seems like a super productive idea.

In reality that 1 extra hour of sleep would probably make me 20x more able to work through tasks productively, think clearly and make good decisions.

Buuut this is the problem with being ‘in it’… you can’t see that this in fact is the worst way to handle overwhelm.

This happens with wedding planning too. You get so into it, that what could or should be an easy decision, a clear choice or a strong boundary dissolves into a messy puddle of decision fatigue, overwhelm and disappointment.

If you are feeling even the slightest bit stressed by the planning of your wedding (or even the planning of someone else’s wedding – best friend planning duty ain’t a joke) I need you to take my virtual hands, look me in the eyes and repeat after me…

“Getting help, delegating and knowing my capacity does not mean that I don’t care about the details of my wedding day.

Getting help, delegating and knowing my capacity means I care so much that I’m willing to make some hard/non traditional/different choices so that by the time our day arrives I’m able to be fully present, focused and excited.”

I know you, I see you.

You and your huge heart and big dreams. Your uniquely romantic way of loving and celebrating.

Let me help you step out of ‘it’ long enough to recenter, catch your breathe and save the essence of why, what and who you said yes to in the first place.