As we move into 2022 we are taking inspiration from what YOU, our precious couples have asked for, wanted and needed from our services.

Combine this with the past years many lessons and the long held experience we have in the industry – we feel like we have never been in a better place to help you find a creative, stress free and simple way to wed.

All of our Pop Up Weddings are still pre planned, fully functioning events. If you would like a bespoke intimate celebration planned just for you please ask about our Petite Pop Up service.

These are our 3 NEW looks and feels that will be offered multiple times within the year.

We offer our fully planned Pop Up Weddings in Johannesburg, Durban and Cape Town. But we also want YOU, the Popper, to send us ideas for venues, locations, cities, towns or farms for future Pop Up Weddings.

1. The Hamptons –

  • September (Gauteng) & December (TBC) 2022

With this Pop Up look we celebrate luxurious simplicity, creating a relaxed and contemporary atmosphere, with natural textures, and of course LOTS of white.

Think of this as a modern twist on all of the well loved elements that make a classic a classic. Clean lines, sophisticated design, dreamy florals and understated elegance.

2. Earthy jewel tones –

  • May & June (Gauteng) & December (TBC) 2022

The deep richness of this Pop Up look is utterly soulful.

Connecting a dusty neutral earth pallet with the curated bursts of juicy jewel tones, creates a look and feel that is a delight to your senses. These elements easily lend themselves to both the boho and modern couple.

3. Chic Industrial

  • July (Gauteng) & November (Gauteng) 2022

This is a, take your breath away Pop Up wedding experience.

Industrial-chic weddings give new life to once neglected or abandoned spaces like former factories and revamped warehouses. Seemingly unappealing details such as exposed brick, peeling paint, visible pipes, and cement floors look strikingly beautiful when paired with modern wedding décor.

4. Between The Orchards

  • June & November (Gauteng) & September (TBC) 2022

Going back to nature, with lush green orchards surrounding you during vows.

Orchard weddings brings your back to open spaces and the warmth of the sun. Beautiful deep colours, fresh harvest and unique florals will compliment the natural deep greens of the orchard trees.

Each months Pop Up dates are more flexible, so choose your favorite look and ask us what multiple dates we have available for each.

Leave a comment below requesting which Pop Up you want to know more about OR email us directly on [email protected]

There is strength in the storm, there is peace in the calm, there are treasures to be found if we just look beneath the surface.

Let us help you ride the currents, find the treasure and celebrate the calm that comes from getting wed the Pop Up.

Much love