You came to this post because you wanted the quick version of how to survive, thrive and stay semi sane in this current corona virus chaos

So lets dive right in.

⁃ You need to go slow to go fast.

This means fighting those knee jerk reactions, actions or mindsets that feel so normal, safe and are/where so generally accepted pre Covid chaos.

⁃ Put on your own oxygen mask before attempting to help other passengers.

You must be healthy and reasonably stable (mentally and emotionally) to be of service.

⁃ Practice what you preach.

You have always had great core values. Nows the time to let them shine. You get one shot at being the person you have always dreamed of being- make it count.

⁃ It will never be the same again,

Change is inevitable, so how will you adapt?

⁃ We will all need help sooner or later.

Get ready to be asked for help and get ready to ask for it too.

⁃ Don’t underestimate the simple things.

Like routine, enough sleep, water and sunshine and a clear space to live/work in.

This too shall pass.

But How you act now will be remembered for ever.

Cash is only one currency.

How are you creating other currencies while cash may be on a go slow?

⁃ Be gentle with yourself.

No one has this waxed (even if they have a cute # for it)

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much love

Rebecca x