To say last week was a shit show is being really kind. After last night’s presidential announcement of a 21 day Lock down, the panic seems to have deepened.

In a week I’ve witnessed people act like characters out of an apocalypse movie (I reckon the cast of the walking dead have some legit sell-able ‘survival’ skills right now- let’s all buy tickets to that ‘how to’ seminar) had a giggle that people will choose toilet paper hoarding over food hoarding (I was laughing until I was on my last loo roll that is, and then it wasn’t so funny. Also the food hoarding has now also started.)

Ive seen businesses I’ve looked up to for years in the wedding and events industry have to lay people off, do sweeping close downs, go bankrupt (if not instantly then pretty soon) and seen the wide reaching ripples of cash flow drying up in multiple industries all because of the corona virus crisis.

So if you are feeling overwhelmed, scared and hopeless… well ummm Ja that’s pretty flippen understandable!

Like grief, fear and trauma all have steps and stages and feeling the feels of each of those steps is an important thing.
We just don’t want to and can’t get stuck there.

At Pop Up Wedding SA we care about our bridal couples as much as we do our suppliers and have also worked from home for a while now.

So we are sharing some of our knowledge, insights, tips and advice for bridal couples, small events business owners and newbies to working from home.

Hopefully these tips will help you give this real life event the respect and space it needs to be felt and survived #flattenthecurve but also keep moving forward in a healthy, proactive and impactful way?

Each of the below link to the relevant blog post. Click which one is relevant to you (or I mean click them all you got time)

For the bridal couple planning their wedding (or just trying to salvage it) during corona virus.

You may now elbow pump your bride.

For the small business owner – How to thrive in this uncertain time.

Creating a new currency. How a small business can thrive in the covid-19 chaos.

Basic good corona karma summary (if you don’t feel like reading come here)

There is gold to be found in this pile of dirt.
There are silver linings a million, in these dark angry sky’s.

This is a beautiful test of our humanity. A time to live out our core beliefs, to see what kind of person we really are when tested.

Who will you be?
How will you act and react?
How will you survive and thrive?

Did this help you – then please share it on your social media or directly with a friend. Lets spread good vibes and knowledge not fear.

Do you have something to add or an opinion on a point above – then please leave a comment below. We are all in this together and we want to hear your thoughts.

Much love

Rebecca x