You have seen our 2021 micro wedding celebration services of greatness, HOORAY, now feast your eyes on our 7 unique Pop Up Wedding themes for 2021!

These are for all of our 2hr Pop Up weddings, most of our 4hr brunch or dinner weddings and are the looks and feels you get to choose from when booking our supplier friendly Plan P (your wedding plan B, Pop Up style) with us.

Drummmmm roll please…

Summer festival
  • JHB: 6 February 2021
  • Look + feel: A garden alive with blooms, birds and that sweet summer feeling. Playful pops of glitter and confetti against bold color blocks and vibrant floral detail. We use interesting and unexpected elements to create a playful but polished ceremony space. This is a true celebration of color, fun and festival freedom.

Fly away with me
  • JHB: 20 March 2021
  • DBN: Ask about date
  • Look + feel: A wedding backdrop like you have never seen before! Pastel balloons of all sizes spill out over your ceremony space making this installation a pure joy and visual wonder. The rest of the day captures this same ‘floating’ playfulness that is beautifully simple and modern, keeping this romantic celebration exciting and ever so edgy.

French affair
  • JHB: 24 April 2021
  • DBN: Ask about date
  • Look + feel: Warm sunshine tones, sweet feminine pinks, and pops of quirky illustrations. Inspired by the Greem Cafe we mix together the playful 2D experience of this modern aesthetic with a quintessential French flair. A collection of luxury flowers in a range of pastel tones compliments this fun but sophisticated celebration in the most whimsical way.

Starry starry night
  • JHB: July 2021
  • Look + feel: Write your love in the stars as the universe it’s self bears witness to the beginning of your marriage. Guests watch your ‘I Do’s’ in a way that is not only incredibly unique but soulful. Subtle sparkle and warm light glow play against the milky way and nebula bursts. This Pop Up is all about feeling. And there is nothing like the feeling of the heavens right above you.

Jacaranda dream
  • JHB: 16 October 2021
  • DBN: Ask about date
  • Look + feel: Is there anything as magical as Jacaranda season in the city! All of the day’s elements are centered around sunset tones, dreamy ‘clouds’ of florals and understated elegance. Don’t expect death by purple here we are keeping things, sophisticated, subtle and as beautifully ‘designed’ as the rest of your Pop Up celebration.

Wild flower child
  • JHB: 27 November 2021
  • DBN: Ask about date
  • Look + feel: We celebrate the flower in all its forms. From the textural delight of dried floral elements to fabrics delicately dyed with blooms. Bold block colors and a multitude of textures bring your Pop Up Wedding to life. With interesting pockets of detail at every turn we delicately balance the wildness of nature, a boho spirit and fun color pops of ‘pretty’.

Urban Jungle
  • JHB: 11 December 2021
  • DBN: Ask about date
  • Look + feel: We celebrate simplicity and pure, pared backed style by creating a wild urban oasis. All of the day’s elements are centered around clean lines, interesting foliage and understated elegance. Fun pops of terrazzo textures bring the city ‘streets’ to your space. Touches of interesting color give a gentle glow mixing these modern florals with a twist of classic style.

PS. if you want to have a look at these themes mini mood boards pop over to our highlights or email [email protected] to ask for the full low down.

Much love