Over the last two years Pop Up Wedding SA has led the way in small and micro celebrations. Before it had to be done different, we were doing it because we wanted it to be done different!

We are very proud that our company puts as much time, love and focus on our suppliers as we do our couples. This comes from a place of wanting to make things simpler, more authentic, and freer for everyone involved in the wedding celebration.

The last few months have rocked our industry to the core, creating waves and ripples that will last for years. More than ever individuals, families, moms like us are needing side hustles and income supplements. Businesses of all sizes are desperate for bookings and searching for ways to pivot and adapt.

We feel lucky to have a wedding planning business, concept and experience that make us ready and equipped for this wave of change. As we see the shift and acceptance from bigger more traditional weddings being ‘the only way’, to smaller more focused celebrations becoming an exciting and viable option for more South African couples.

When there is so much to feel helpless and overwhelmed by, we are choosing to control what we can, help where we can and do what we do best – which is micro weddings and elopement esque celebrations.

So as we move into 2021 we are focusing on what we can do to help and celebrate not only the couples who have reprioritized and chosen small, but suppliers in (or out) of the wedding industry who need this foot in the door, this support and this chance.

We are specifically calling:

  • Photographers
  • Bakers and sweet thing makers
  • Venues, this includes appropriate private homes, spaces and pretty places
  • Officiants with open minds and hearts, we proudly wed and work with all love and types of people
  • Wedding attire designers, from gowns to grooms to grannies, we need traditional and non-traditional outfit options for our cool couples

In 2021 Pop Up Weddings will be focusing on hosting our stunning pre planned celebrations in Johannesburg and Durban.

If you are a creative maker but we haven’t listed your job title here or you don’t currently work in Joburg or Durbs, please still get hold of us as we are constantly growing and just generally love meeting new industry friends.

We don’t believe you have to have a huge Instagram following, fancy business cards or do weddings full time to be part of our team. We know and understand the realities of micro business, being a solopreneur and starting out. All we need from you is a good portfolio or track record of your work and a commitment that you will produce a consistent and professional product or service.

If you have questions please email Rebecca on [email protected] or DM Jules directly on Instagram @Popupweddingsa. If you know someone or a small business who would be perfect for this opportunity, be a friend and share this with them or better still nominate them. As always, we would love your support by sharing this blog on your social.

The more people we reach the merrier!

much love